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What are the top 5 must visit restaurants for foodies in Seattle?

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Joey Wilburne asked January 11th, 2011 • Report
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2 Answers

Darren Rothman My cult favorites for sandwich fans.

1. Salumi - get the porchetta
2. Paseo - get the cuban roast or midnight roast
3. Market Grille - can't go wrong with the halibut or blackened salmon (best fish sandwich)
4. Homegrown - crab cake sandwich, immediately
5. Skillet - the burger is mind-blowing. Bacon jam. included | Answered th, 2011

Stacie Landers As with most things, it depends what you are looking for. My favorite places tend to be less formal with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. That said, Seattle is *full* of amazing food. Any of the restaurants on my list below will give you fantastic, carefully made food. The variety of ambiance, regional techniques, specialties and styles is fantastic.

Places I've been and loved (i.e. would be happy to visit again and again and again):
Tilth, Art of The Table, Poppy, How to Cook a Wolf, Walrus and the Carpenter

Places I've been and liked (i.e. it lived up to what it was supposed to be, but I'll probably visit one of the tens of other places I've never been before making it back):
Ray's, Canlis, Sitka & Spruce, Dahlia Lounge, Delancey

Places I haven't made it to, but I can't wait to visit:
Lark, Herbfarm, Emmer+Rye | Answered th, 2011

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