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Seattle Night Clubs Question

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What are the best nightclubs in Seattle Downtown area?

Me and my girlfriends are going to Seattle for a night out on Friday night. Any good clubs or bars to go to?

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Anonymous asked February 15th, 2010 • Report
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4 Answers

Anonymous Baltic Room on Pine Street is a nice, trendy, dance club. Great vibe. Good music -- Disco, Hip-Hop, Techno, Urban, Alternative Rock, , Euro, Jazz, Rock, Live Music, DJs ... a fun place to bump and grind! | Answered th, 2010


Anonymous Check out Last Supper Club, the shining star of the Pioneer Square club circuit offers a stylish venue, incredible entertainment, talented staff, and a great crowd. | Answered th, 2010


Anonymous Trinity Nightclub is awesome. I've been there a few times. Also checkout Belltown area ... great for bar-hopping. | Answered th, 2010


Anonymous The Apartment in Downtown Seattle. Trinity is also good, if you like techno. | Answered th, 2010

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