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I just moved to Seattle. What's the best place to meet new people?

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Duncan Davenport asked December 9th, 2010 • Report
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3 Answers

Gilbert Reichs You might like to check out the local Aussie/Kiwi pub, the Kiwi and Kangaroo, which runs trivia on Wednesday nights, packed with people, and in my experience easy to start a random conversation with most of them. Can also buy Timtams/lollies/have a real meat pie there. more at | Answered th, 2011


Pamela Miller From my point of view as a female i tend to like smart, handsome, classy and respectful men. Men with lots of wonder for the world. Enjoy life even when is hard to get through. I was born and raised in Seattle and I fit the typical artist that loves coffee and doesn't mind the rainy weather haha. Nice places to go would be little shops on the pier by the waterfront. There's lots of night clubs and great pubs in downtown Seattle as well. The Irish pubs are the best. | Answered th, 2011

Steve Miller There are lots of great places for people in Seattle to go to on first dates or for finding romance. On clear summer nights, Kerry Park, overlooking the cityscape, is a great place to take a date. Not necessarily a first date; things tend to get steamy up there if the mood is right. The waterfront of Seattle is filled with great restaurants and views, as well as the Seattle Aquarium. That's an excellent place to take a date. If you living in this city, there is a plethora of coffee shops all over. From Tully's & Starbucks to the little ma & pa shops, you can't go wrong. Good luck! | Answered th, 2011

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